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SvStrife 0.0.3 posted

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Here's yet another release of my experiemental build of SvStrife. Check update.txt for the stuff thats been implented. I also added a list of all code pointers translated from Gokuma's SeHackEd, but not all of them are present though.

link to source and executable can be found here

be sure to report any bugs, or anything that is not accurate to the oringinal game. enjoy.

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One thing:

After the programmer dies you switch to map 3. That's incorrect. It goes to Map 10. Furthermore, from this point on maps 3 and 7 are no longer available. Instead every map change to map 3 goes to map 31 and every map change to map 7 goes to map 10.

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Another thing:

You should not give specific Sigil pieces when a specter is killed. There are two paths in the game and the order in which you face the specters is different. The Oracle is #3 only in one of those paths. In the other it's #5.

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Yeah, more like when a specture is killed it just increases the sigil inventory by 1, upgrading it each time.

I'll try to fix this for the next version.

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