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Mooditor - a question for the masses

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OK, two questions:

1) Who remembers Mooditor?
2) Who would be seriously interested in seeing me resume/restart work on Mooditor?

I lost interest in Mooditor not long after I got the maps rendering. I looked at the code again earlier after an inquiry in to its status earlier on IRC, and it needs to be thrown out and started again. If I am to start again, and see this through to completion, I'll need some sort of initiative to do so (otherwise I'm bound to just lose interest again). So, who's interested in yet another Doom level editor?

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1) I certainly do.

2) In short, yes. :P

I was interested in development of the original, and, even with Doom Builder my current editor of choice, I'd definately be interested in resumed work on Mooditor. Plus the new editing style sounds quite interesting, and knowing you it'd support most if not all of ZDoom's features ;)

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