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The Green Marine

The most super sweet DooM art ever and stuff

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Ok, the DooM cover was kickass. You know, the marine standing on the atoll firing down at the demons. Who was the artist? Id like to see the original, cause different versions of the game (PC, UltimateDooM, SNES DooM, etc.) show more of the picture than others. In the SNES I think, you can see a cacodemon above the marine. When its not digitalized it looks awesome, like on the cover of the book "Knee Deep in the Dead". I dunno, I just wondered who the artist was. It doesnt say in the cover of the book. Maybe I could get one, frame it, and hang it over the mantel...

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The Box art is different then the opening screen to the game. The opening screen was edited to have the ingame sprites in the background, and replaced the barron grabbing the marines hand. With the Marine holding a shotgun.

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The Green Marine said:

Don Punchatz. Brom did the DOOM II title art.

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