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The Green Marine

How do you get the freakin key?

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Ok, in DooM64tc, level 8, Final Outpost, the yellow key is on a platform thats too high to reach. To either side is a chamber, each one containg a switch. Walking in one room raises bars over the platfrom, and the switch lowers it. You then have a lowered platfrom (A good thing) with bars over it (A bad thing). The other room raises the platfrom when you walk in it (A bad thing) and the switch raises the bars (A good thing). It seems that every action cancels itself out. Its a cool puzzle but I cant figure it out. So, to summarize, HOW DO I GET THE FREAKIN KEY? :P

BTW the switches cannot be shot.

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Ok Me figurez itt out.

Theres a green light in the hallway beyond that corrisponds with the green lighting in the room I guess. You set it up so that its up with no bars, then hit the hall light to lower it, dash and grab. Thanks to all (I think).

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