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Draconio's Battleground up / Heretic map reviews

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Yes, I've finally uploaded a new incarnation of my webpage, you can find it here:


Currently it contains basic reviews for 8 Heretic PWADs (14 maps).

- I review these as I get the chance. No requests for a review please.
- Other games (I.e. Doom, Hexen) may come in the future. For now, it is a Heretic map review site.
- No screenshots (unless you want to find me a better host).
- Suggestions / criticism welcome. I won't necessarily take them to heart though =P
- If you've linked to my previous page (on Geocites), please update your link.

(I wasn't sure if to put this under General, since it's not precisely Doom stuff.)

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First off, thank you so much for putting up a Heretic map review site. There were a few more of these things some years ago, but of course they disappeared.
It might be nitpicking, but I would also link to the reviewed map's txt file. Longer reviews (at least as long as the shorter ones on Team Insanity) would be nice as well, but that's probably me. Otherwise I like it, simple layout, looks decent without being overblown, but it needs more reviews ;)

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