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Plans for a new Doom3 server

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Well I am grossing a whopping (heh) $5,036 a year off of certain "benefits" alone at the moment, and a lot of money I have lying around is just staying in the bank, and on top of it I am getting a job this summer.

In lieu of the recent statement made by Carmack about Doom 3 being "very close," I am tentatively planning on purchasing a Serial ATA RAID capable motherboard and, when I move back into town hopefully sometime this year or early '05 (though I anticipate roughly between August - November '04), starting a dedicated Doom3 multiplayer server. I know some people will question the efficiency of paying extra money for a server running a game that is alleged to have support for only four players, but I believe that it has been said by some Id official that the limit could be extended. Now obviously, I anticipate the netcode to be a little more chunkier with the engine's capabilities and new technology, so I am hoping that a 1.5 mbps upwards connection will be sufficient for a dedicated server. I am also hoping that John Carmack will put out a Linux dedicated server version of Doom3, because I plan on running Doom 3 off of a Linux machine. When the idea was culminating, I'd thought of also running a file server using Windows 2003 server, but the lack of machines for a 5 client license pack (upwards of $999 MSRP.) would make the choice to do so an inefficient, redundant misallocation of funds. However, I do also plan on hosting files via a public FTP which, if it ever gets off without a hitch, will be promptly displayed here on Doomworld.

Because I have been coming to Doomworld for probably 5 years now (though my current username is Laguna, I was previously Astewart41, which was banned heh), I have come to admire the site and would be more than willing to allow an extension of Doomworld's servers as it pertains to file data (including wads and articles) to be archived onto my servers, if desired, for backup. I'll probably be spending a couple thousand altogether, so I'll also be purchasing a high-capacity backup device, such as a Seagate Travan or Iomega Removable HDD cartridge drive. In any case, if this ever happens, I'll be purchasing a few hard drives and probably some SATA host adapters to extend a RAID chain to a remote HDD tower enclosure. With all that space, I will allow (as I said, if desired) Doomworld officials access to the servers should a catastrophe ever happen (like DW gets hax0red and needs a place for backup).

Let me know what you guys think.

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Wanna send some of that money my way for a monitor upgrade :)

Seriously, that would be cool if you could host a doom 3 server.

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