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Where to report Risen3D bugs?

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That's a good question. I'll have to ask Graham if he wants to put his email address in the docs.

Meanwhile you can post it here and I can relay it to him. Be sure to give a link to the PWAD/level in question and a precise description using linedef numbers of the location of the problem. A screen shot reference would be nice.

Most problems I've seen have to do with the actual level having errors. For example, vertices that are supposed to connect but they don't, vertices that are supposed to be on lines but they are not, sidedef references that are just plain wrong and so on.

If you use the DeePsea error checker (press F10) you can quickly find them (sbsoftware.com).

But it could be something completely different. There are zillions of ways to make levels. Many mistakes (or tricks) work fine in software mode, but GL is quite a bit fussier.

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There should be a forum for that like other ports have for development purposes as well.

Actually, I dicovered no problems with certain levels so far. It seems to be quite reliable in that point. I discovered some more general issues.

Risen3D 1.5.91 bugs, I noticed:
- "-out" command line does not work. It worked fine in JDoom and in Doom64, so I think, it should in the latest Risen3D as well.

- When restoring a savegame the lowres textures will be precached right off the wad files instead of available highres textures. It only happens when restoring a savegame of a level which you didn't load before (since the textures would be precached already in that case) in the current session. You can easily check this out by just make a savegame in any level, restart Risen3D and restore the savegame before starting any level (including demo playback) and all of the textures are lowres. IDCLEV is not affected by this bug.

- External mp3, defined in an r3m file aren't used after restoring a savegame.

- mp3 is not played off a wad file. Just take an mp3 which works in an r3m list and put it in a wad file as D_INTRO or D_E1M1 for example. It won't play, neither does it play the original mus lump, so there is no music at all in that case. This works fine in JDoom and in ZDoom, so it also should in Risen3D.

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Thanks for the info - will relay.

RISEN3D is not the same as the current DOOMSDAY though. New stuff/fixes in DOOMSDAY are not in RISEN3D. There was enough to do just to get levels displayed correctly. Maybe he'll work on the porting the newer version - it's not easy:)

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Yet some more bugs:
- I have doom graphics in data\r3d\patches\ including the Ultimate Doom titlepic. This works fine so far. Then I have the Doom2 titlepic in data\r3d\patches2\ and "-patdir data\r3d\patches2" nor "-patdir2 data\r3d\patches2" as a command line option has an affect. There still is the Ultimate Doom picture.
The -texdir and -texdir2 parameters seem to work fine, though.

- In HUD graphics like ARM1A0, BKEYA0 etc. in the patches directory aren't used. The status bar graphics and figures are fine, though.

- A MAPINFO bug:
I have the folling in the MAPINFO:

map E2M7 "namee2m7"
levelnum 17
next E2M8
secretnext E5M1
sky1 SKY2 0
cluster 2
music D_E2M7

map E5M1 "namee5m1"
music d_e2m2
sky1 sky4 0
next E5M2
cluster 5

map E5M2 "namee5m2"
music d_e2m9
sky1 sky4 0
next E2M8
secretnext E5M3
cluster 5

clusterdef 5
flat FLAT5_7
music D_E3M9
"Some text"
In this case "Some text" appears when I finish E5M1, but not on entering where it should be.
Btw. a default statistics screen background picture for new clusterdefinitions might be a good idea. Maybe just that one of episode 4.

- The Episode 5 names are shown in the levelend statistics and on level start as declared in MAPINFO, but not in the automap.

- Also the music definition in MAPINFO doesn't seem to work.

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Graham Jackson's email link is here:


Be sure to review the docs that come with R3D - docs folder. Don't assume JDOOM rules, esp textures.

MUSIC works in my level. To solve issues, you always need to supply a link to your PWAD and resources since it's pretty much impossible to isolate user mistakes, things just not supported and actual bugs.

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It would be a good idea, having a list of known bugs with the docs, so people know about it and can assume them on the to do list to be fixed.
Also a list of important differences between JDoom (and also ZDoom if there are any) should be there.
This would probably answer a lot of questions from many users.

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It would be nice to list "differences" from other ports, but no port does that:)

In a nutshell:

1) RISEN3D is BOOM compatible with a few extensions beyond BOOM.

2) Supports hi-res DeePsea style textures, external textures,

3) Large level support (>32k sidedefs).

4) GL lighting,

5) MD2 models,

6) Cool looking Particles and all that stuff.

7) Floor over floor, see sample level for 3 floors on top of each other.

There are no "known bugs" otherwise they would be fixed:) Mostly some features are just not supported (like the MP3 stuff you mentioned). Latter could be a launcher issue since it makes it appear you can do that? I don't use it, but that's the impression I got.

There are differences from JDOOM, but that's pretty much impossible to list since the current JDOOM has added a bunch of stuff. So basically all new stuff since the branch of JDOOM RISEN3D was started from is not present.

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deep said:

There are no "known bugs" otherwise they would be fixed:)

Sure, but you can't fix them all at once. Bug tracking takes time as well, unfortunately. Hence a known bug list prevents people from reporting the same bugs over and over again.
And in such a rare occasion that there is no known bug, the bug list could just mention that fact. I think, a documentation looks somewhat incomplete without it.
Also I assume, the downloadable files on the Risen3D homepage are supposed to work with Risen3D, but the HUD doesn't completely as mentioned above.

Since JDoom and Risen3D are different branches, I wonder where Doom64TC decends from.
And what ZDoom features are supposed to be in Risen3D? More than the MAPINFO stuff?

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"known bugs" means just that. If they are not known, then they can't be fixed nor listed. Or it's just that it was never meant to work. I really don't know the case here. I do know that MP3 save stuff is not supported.

Please email Graham directly if you want something to work. So long as it's not a new JDOOM thingy. That will have to wait for the next cycle of development.

Currently the #1 priority for RISEN3D is to display all DOOM and BOOM levels with various tricks. This is a very difficult task with OGL. Other docs need to be added, but it's not very high on the current list of "things to do" (and yes I've mentioned that, but each person has their own concept of what's important in their free time).

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