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Alien Vendetta first episode tas movie in 7:38

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Fredrik said:

Too bad there aren't more tricks, though...

I thought there were quite a lot of tricks, including some that I don't recall seeing executed before. Not massive tricks that skip most of a level, but lots of little ones that save useful amounts of time. For example: map02 - the jump after the red key; map04 - archie jump; map06 - jump+key grab. Mostly it's just good running and execution though.

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Just watched it, very kickass ;)

Now do a UV Max of AV map23 and I'll be happy :)

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VinceDSS said:

yeah, this run rocks, but it's not as polished as the doom1/2 ones

Only the big levels (10)
Small are optimized very strongly (on my route)

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dont misunderstand me, your run is really good.
I just see a few places here and there where you could save a little time.
But I understand it's very time consuming to find a fast way thru hordes of monsters.

Btw, I have seen Xit's start of Requiem TAS, It's pretty cool so far.
But the nasty maps are still nasty, but done much faster than on a regular run, so it's less painfull :)

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