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run doom3 on this...

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just read an article on virginia tech's new super-computer, And would I ever want to run doom3 on it. costing a mere 5 million dollars, cheap compared to japan's 400 million dollar computer that is only twice as fast.

its constructed using macintosh G5's, the same processors rumored to be in the xbox2, and get this, runs at a mind-boggling 17 teraheartz, they call it teraflops though, cuzz its multi-processor. if you care, japans 400million$ whopper runs at 35 teraheartz, again is obviously multi-proccessor.

heck, with that power, use virtual PC to emulate Windows, run on max resolution, maximum graphics settings, and still have an unheard of framerate, even with large levels and tons of enemies.. droolness*

although the actual computer doesnt have a mouse or a single moniter, we can always dream.

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17 terahertz

Uh, no. Teraflops is what it should be. Hertz measures frequency, not processor power.

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I never got that anyway. the point is it operates at 17 trillion operations per second.

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As far as we know, Doom3 doesn't support multiple processors/gfx pipes, so...no.

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