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Screwed musics

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I've been wondering about this one for a while. There are some music lumps that get screwed when I save them to MIDI files in Wintex. These same musics get screwed when I play their levels using Legacy (perhaps other ports as well, but I only use Legacy, ZDoom and ST). Basically what happens is that the second half (I think) of the music starts playing at the start, as well as the first half... it's sorta like the second half got "folded over" the first half. This only happened with a couple of files, so I dismissed it at first. Then the other day I got Memento Mori (yeah, I took awhile getting that one, but that's another story), and last night I participated in a Legacy coop using that wad. Every single level's music was screwed that way.

This doesn't happen in ZDoom or ST (or Doom95 for that matter), so it may be something in the particular port that does that. Maybe Legacy converts it to MIDI before playing it? Can anyone tell me (who knows next to nothing about MIDI except that it's very similar to MUS) what the cause of this is, and if there's any way to fix it?

It's not really an editing question, I guess... but I dunno what else it could be. I do hope to add some of these screwed files to my wad in the future if I can get them to work...

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This often happens with Mark Klem's midis, and is to do with the particular midi composing software he used. Other than getting hold of the original midi files (difficult to do considering his website no longer exists) and re-saving them in a different midi program, I don't believe there's anything that can be done about it.

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Ah! Seems I'm in luck if it's just his MIDI program. What program did he use, exactly? I've got a friend who uses Cakewalk, and I could just send him a zip of the screwed MIDIs and ask for fixed versions...

...only once it gets saved as a MIDI it sounds like that. Damn. I wonder if its contents, the actual notes and such, look normal in the MIDI program? If so, then they can be resaved...

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