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[ATI/NVIDIA]The benchmarks are in

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Well let's see, I actually play Far Cry ...

... although the lack of PS 3.0 support is only slightly worrying.

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It seems the radeon 9500's and above are beating any nvidia offering in far cry. Finaly, this 9600 proves it's worth.

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honestly i think it comes down to how a game is made. maybe the programer wanted better support for ATI or Nvidia.
also there is the simple fact that some games are not made very efficient, thus being real system hogs. i know an example would be postal 2, it seems to hog more power than UT 2004. runs much much slower than UT 2004.

i am not gonna base my bench marks on just a few games. i tend to look at how well it is supported, features it has, price, games that use said features and drivers.

right now i like ATI, i have had more luck recently with their drivers than i have had with NVIDIA.

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