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monsters in multiple floors in edge

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ive been working on a level with a few building ranging from 2 to 5 storys using edge, but i have no idea how to put monsters on the floors in between. do i have to set up a special line in the ddf's or something else, or can it even be done?

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You need to spawn them in a script.
Here is an example excerpt from the RSCRIPT lump of my FLOATB.WAD:

start_map map01

  radiustrigger 0 0 -1
    spawnthing 5 2880 1088 0 200
    spawnthing IMP 2880 1088 90 200
    spawnthing IMP 2704 650 90 224
    spawnthing IMP 3096 330 0 224
    spawnthing ARACHNOTRON 2816 366 90 224
    spawnthing HEAVY_WEAPON_DUDE 2740 840 90 200
I don't know an editor which can do this for you automatically, though it was some years ago when I made that wad, and I didn't bother with EDGE mapping since then.

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Yes, RTS.

If you place a monster on your map where a 3D floor will be, the monster (or any thing you place on the map) will be on the bottom real floor.

I had to do a lot of RTS to place monsters and things in QDOOM because of the slew of 3D floors I did there, especially on some maps where there are 3 or 4 stories of floors. Check out the 3rd map, the one with the castle on the high island. That middle castle has 4 floors with things on various levels.

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