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City of Damned [WIP]

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Maybe it's just me, but all I get is an empty page (that is, one without screenshots, information etc).

However, if it's a new level by you, it's already safe to say I'm gonna love it. :)

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It's not that.. it's just that I don't think it has been accepted yet.

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Now it's there. Lookin' really good. My full opinion is on the WIP. Not going to post it again here.

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...ok, here we go :)

The sematary, very dark and very moody ;) You can see a lot of graves and also a small crypt :)

Some very hellish underground area. To the right, there are some parts of a destroyed room, to the left you can see a strange medieval bridge thing and in front of you a real bridge, very old and .. well, dangerous ;)

A smaller laboratory room. To the left and right, you see some computers and in front of you a dormant Arch-Vile held by some electric machine... maybe this one isn't as secure for you as it looks :)

Another view of the city with some crates and a nice guillotine in front of you :)

A strange alien-skinny room with... huh?! Is this a translucent ceiling flat in ZDoom?! :)

A chapel in the city... this really looks badly evil :D

Once more a view of the city, some crates, some light sources and a nice building, nothing spectacular :)

So, plz comment on this :D

BTW: If the screenies are to dark for you, brighten up your monitor/display or brighten them up manually in a photo program. The map itself isn't that dark ingame!

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