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Is it a door? Is it a lift? What is it!?

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Ok, I made a new map...

When you try and open doors, they half open, then when they come to closing, the whole level's cealing comes down like a lift. I'm here thinking 'wtf?!'

If you want the map, you can get it here:


The map seems to work in zDoom, but no other port. This is beyond me!

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Heh... some of your doors are remote doors instead of local ones. And without a tag, such lines can cause trouble. Remember that zero (default) is a tag, too, and it's probably coming down because your remote door lines had a tag of 0, as did every other sector in your map (because you don't have any other tags). You can change the doors to local doors and it should work fine... I think...

This kinda belongs in editing though. :-/

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Doomwolf said:

Is it a door? Is it a lift? What is it!?

A sector!

(sorry about that, but I saw the opportunity)

A probably not-so-useful tip: tag 0 triggers can be used if you want to make the whole map collapse (like a collapsing base or something) or put the lights out to simulate a power failure.

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