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Why does my map crash ZDoom?

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The switch in front of you sets the marine behind the fence hating and hunting the demons.
The switch on the opposide sets the demons hating the marine, but not hunting him until seeing or hearing him.
This bug occours when the demons are kept sleeping, so don't hit the second switch, don't fire your gun and don't open the door! Just hit the switch in front of you and watch the marine!
He leaves his patrol route and goes into the demons room, which makes sence, since he is supposed to hunt them, but he just walks around in that room without attacking the demons, for which he got the chainsaw. (He does attack, if the demons are woken up in any way.)
If you just watch him walking around the demons for several minutes, the game finaly crashes.
Any idea, what's wrong here?
Using ZDoom v2.0.63 in Win98se.
The array in the scripts is there because I want to implement more such demon rooms later.

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There is no specific error message. I merely get a blue screen. Maybe you have more luck with a different OS.
Also there is no error message in the console while the map is running.
All seems fine, until the marine doesn't start sawing the sleeping demons.

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