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Bitter Taste of Reality - updated

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I'm sorry to put almost the same thread on just different forum. But I just wanted to show my newest child to the DoomWorld.

it is indeed called "a Bitter Taste of Reality", and it's an upgraded version of former WLaD system.
The main difference is, that now you can drop the empty weapons by just one button, and there are also a few RPG statistics, that will have a significant role in the upcoming project - RONE.

Meanwhile take a look at

Thank you.

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Bloody hell! There's a bug O_O
When I drop the weapon and try to move from it instead of letting it be, I pick it up. Damn. This acts differently on different speed level-sometimes I can drop a weapon, sometimes not..

Also a strange thing happens. Like when I drop the weapon I automatically select another weapon, when walking away from the weapon I dropper suddenly I get a message picked up.. the weapon I automat. switched to (like when I dropped the SSG and automat.c selected Plasma, then simply was walking away from the Shotgun I get "You picked up Plasma Gun"-more it selects another weapon automatically-in my case the chaingun!) Whatta?

This did not occure in original WLAD!

Also-one thing-err.. I know the script is super-duper complicated, but shouldn't picking weapons up slower the player a bit? That's quite a weight..

EDIT: Oh, the errors start occursing when You raise the pickup limit, I think.

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Slowing the player down when having more weapons would be easy to do. Have a setplayerspeed function that is executed with a variable for weaponweight when ever you pick up or drop an item.

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Nmn said:

sometimes I can drop a weapon, sometimes not...

This has probably something to do with Payer's speed. And also, if you haven't noticed yet, droping weapons is imposible near the walls. I think It's because the dropped weapon would have it's radius ending somewhere outside the wall, and so ZDoom prevents them from appearing (eg.) in tight corners.

BToR though takes care of it (thanks to LWM), and If the weapon is not spawned properly - it returns to player's inventory.

To solve the main problem I will probably have to adjust the distance between the MapSpot and the player, to give it a more reasonable chance to be spawned...

Awaiting more ideas/bug reports...

-Rocket Launcher (missile amount) bug fixed
-Added a second delay to prevent dropping multiple weapons of one type.

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