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new linetypes with vanilla-doom

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Hey, check it out!

With TRIGCALC.EXE, I've come up with tons of new linetypes with regular Doom(2).exe, without changing the source code!

It all has to do simply with what number of the activation you're using; like so:

[25560] (63d8H)
W1 Quickly build 32-height pedistal

[12249] (2fd9H)
WR Silent Crusher (Turbo)

[13677] (356dH)
GR Lift to next floor at normal speed with 3 sec. delay

[20993] (5201H)
WR "Indiana Jones" Crusher to sector floor

[14799] (39cfH)
DR Open-Close at normal speed, all keys required (different keytypes)

[12872] (3248H)
W1 Stairs Build Down 8-height, ignore texture difference

[15645] (3d1dH)
GR Shootable Turbo-Door with 4 sec. delay

[13244] (33bcH)
GR Stairs raise by 16 (instant) (monster-activated)

the [number] is the activation number.

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TRIGCALC is a command line utility for computing BOOM generalized linedef numbers, as a few people have hinted at already. It was programmed by Jim Flynn of Team TNT for BOOM, not by id Software.

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