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retribution part 4

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The Research Depatrtment researched the black creature that attacked the Marines and produced this document:

Creature Name: Fnord (Fnord has to mean SOMETHING, so I'm giving it a meaning)

Type: Bipedal froglike demon

Body structure: Powerful main body, horned head connected directly to body (no neck), long froglike legs that allow it to leap great distances, tough black leathery skin, short tail, medium-length arms, hands with 5 clawed fingers each.

Threat: Class B threat--should only be confronted by an experienced and well-armed soldier

Little did the people in the conference hall know that they'd find out that the "Fnord" was a lot more dangerous than the scientists thought as soon as one of them opened the door...

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Why don't you just right one big story and get it over with, eh?
Or I am being logical?

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