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DOOM Novels

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"LoL. I recall someone saying that he had his shift key taped permanently down in order to get an "autorun", and that was why he always "shouted" in forums."

Yea *averts eyes* fortunetly they made a little switch for that now...

Back to the book, I don't see the trouble in naming the main character Flynn, it’s an Irish name and as an Irish person who just happens to be named Flann I’m a wee bit insulted.

But your right they should name him el fanzo in the next book.

I havn't read past book one. If their scanned online somewere id give it a read simply to see what all the troubles about. Sounds like something id find amusing anyways.

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dsm said:
I haven't read Harry Potter yet, but I get the impression that Harry Potter is a lot more than just "bumbling around" or whatnot (namely because I saw part of the first movie which alledgly was based very faithfully on the first book). In any event, the Harry Potter characters were not two-dimensional like the DOOM novel characters.

Simple stories often have three-dimensional characters. In fact, reading literature shows that the most complex and interesting characters often come from very simple stories (whereas flat and uninteresting characters come from complicated ones--just watch any Sitcom).

As for Harry Potter, yes the first movie is pretty consistent with the book. It only cuts out one chapter--a part where he visits some centaurs--but other than that everything else is pretty much spot-on. And yes, Harry DOES bumble around a lot in that one, though it's true that as the books go on he starts winning less by luck and more by active effort on his part.

I'm not convinced.

I've also never read a written story with nothing but action to it that I managed to enjoy.

I can't argue with your love for the books because it's your opinions (sad, but true), but when someone implies that the piece of shit that I think the first DOOM novel is, is the best way to have converted the DOOM "storyline" to book form,

Now you're just going off on your own here. I said I loved it, true. I never, however, said it was the best way to convert DOOM into a novel.

Damn I hate people.

..... I don't think we need discuss anything further.

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S1lent said:

Hehe, this is a real old thread.

But we're still responding to it, because it's a good old thread. Screw those new threads. Those new threads aren't anywhere near the quality of the old ones! They should stop making threads altogether and just re-release the classic threads, with touched-up programming so they run better on newer systems! ^__^.

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One of the things I liked about the Doom novels was the warped reality with the talking imps. It just made me think of all those horrible fan fictions. :D

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in a used shop down the road, theres 3 of the novels, and the strategy guide for doom, thats supposed to have the sharewear disks in it, but their gone, i think i may buy them.

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