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Arena of Agony v2

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Due to certain persuasion, I've finally decided to share a wad I've been working on off and on lately. After about a year, I continued working on it. It's been given a couple of different names, but the one I think that stands out for the moment would be "Arena of Agony." I've mentioned this wad in this thread. Some may have already heard of it before since I had it on my given webspace on mancubus.net, which it (my account) doesn't exist anymore. I'll say the map...if you want to call it that...has evolved since then.

This is not a true map if you get my drift. It consists of an outside and inside area with a platform of switches in the center of the area that spawn a certain group of monsters inside and outside while the surrounding light changes a different color. Each switch spawns a different set of monsters and provides a different change in color of the surrounding light. There are also other switches along the walls that do other actions (i.e. a projectile trap). So after saying all that, you obviously know now that this wad requires ZDoom or some other port that supports ZDoom/Hexen features. I've tested this wad on an older version of ZDoom but not too recent (2.0.60), and it works fine. I don't see why it shouldn't with the newest version. I've played it with seven bots on both co-op and deathmatch, and I had a blast with it. I don't know about everyone else though.

Here are some screenshots (if it's even appropriate since a link to the wad itself is provided later on). I know, it's Geocities. Give me a break here... Anyway, I've linked to them instead of having them included in the body of the thread. Just hope that that annoying exceeded data transfer error doesn't show up:


Link to the wad: http://www.geocities.com/lutarez82/arena.zip

Any feedback, positive or negative, will be appreciated.

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The colored lighting was a bit too excessive for me, though I really don't like ZDoom's colored lighting in general... I remember the map being pretty fun though, except for the dying and having to load back up bit.

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I remember the map being pretty fun though, except for the dying and having to load back up bit.

I've made a demo of me surviving a good 5 minutes or so along with 7 zcajun bots. It especially gets interesting when a good number of cyberdemons spawn. (Heh) I could post a link to the demo if I had it up, but meh...

Haha, you actually released it because of me.

That doesn't necessarily mean that I won't stop working on it...

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