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Weird zombie Max noclipping demo

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Here's a silly demo that illustrates a very weird phenomenon that I haven't seen documented anywhere before.

The wad is the dreadful but amusing Awad2. There are two demos, both Map09+Map10 UV Max (Doom2.exe format, recorded using Prboom 2.2.4).

I use the voodoo doll that is so hilariously(?) placed in map09 to turn myself into a zombie. This enables me to walk with impunity among the cybers in map10. In one demo (Awad9_10.lmp) I crush the monsters and exit. In the other (Awad9x10.lmp) I allow myself to be crushed too, and this has the effect of making me a noclipping zombie. Has this oddity ever been noticed before? (Lee Killough's info on zombies doesn't mention it.) Might it be useful?

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Hmm, you're squished into a puddle of blood; the same stuff that makes Arch-Viles produce ghosts...

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Yes, there's a clear parallel; the player becomes a ghost, while retaining the other standard zombie properties.

I've just watched it with walkcam/chasecam - it's hilarious seeing the little puddle of blood running around.

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I've spent some time investigating how zombies and ghost zombies behave. Ghost zombies in particular have some interesting properties, and their movement is restricted in some surprising ways.

I found that it is possible to do a zombie run through the whole of Episode 1, but I'm fairly sure that none of the other episodes of the original games are possible in this way. Here is my E1 zombie run. Yes, I know there are no voodoo dolls in E1. The zombie effect is achieved here using a little deh file which sets the player's initial health to zero. It's a Doom.exe-format demo. If you don't like weird demos, you should steer very well clear of this one. :)

Funny fact: Doom2 map01 is impossible as a zombie, but HR map26 can be done.

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Sorry, I thought this was reasonably well-known. See "Death" on this page.

In the text-file in that zip, Lee Killough wrote:

I. Zombie Players

When the total health of a Doom marine and at least one voodoo doll (duplicate) is less than 100%, then the marine turns into a zombie when he is killed. He can still move around and operate switches, doors, etc., but he cannot shoot, and no weapon is shown, not even a fist. The health shown on the status bar is 0%, yet the marine is still "alive" in some sense.

After becoming a zombie, a marine can still pick up items, including weapons and health. However, the weapons are never shown again on the current level, except on the status bar.

When a marine is a zombie, any monsters that were already awake still pursue him and can hurt him, but other monsters are not awakened by seeing him until he picks up some health, even a 1% health bonus.

If there was 0% health at level exit, then the marine is a zombie on the next level (even if it's the same level, in the case of a "misplaced" secret exit). However, on the next level, he cannot pick up any items any more, which means he will forever remain at 0% and thus forever be invisible to other monsters, unless iddqd or idbeholds is used to make the health nonzero (but even if these cheats are used, he still cannot use weapons).

If there is any health during level exit, then the marine continues normally on the next level, with full faculties, including any extra ammo and health that might have been picked up.

The new thing I have spotted is the possibility of turning these "0% health at level exit" zombies into ghosts.

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