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The Penny Arcade Expo Omegathon

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So I was reading Penny Arcade earlier, ahem, for the articles, and I noticed that they have posted details on the "Omegathon" gaming contest at their Penny Arcade Expo to be held in August. The winner of the Omegathon walks away with a collection of consoles, games and other equipment valued over $15,000. What really warmed my heart, though, and it may yours, is that the penultimate challenge in the Omegathlon is a 4 player 50-frag deathmatch in Doom. The downside is you have to place in the top 4 at DDR before moving on to the penultimate round.

I'm sure some of you are located close to Washington State and have nothing to do on August 28th and 29th, so get over there and make us proud.

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If I was locked in a basement in the middle of a large, populated city surrounded by kittens and babies and reindeer and supermodels, with an armed nuclear warhead to which the disarmament sequence had to be entered on a DDR machine, I still wouldnt step on that mat.

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DemonDemon said:


I hope the final secret game is pong. :D

Heh it's gotta be.

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Bloodshedder said:

Hmm...I think there's only one person here who could pass that challenge.


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