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Infinite Ammunition

Woohoo, ceiling brightness transfering problems

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Today I was playing around with Doom Builder making a little DM map for me and a friend, and in the middle was a nukage sector that was brighter than the rest of the map. I tried making one of the linedefs in one of the pillars transfer its cieling brightness to the nukage sector and it worked just fine for that sector, but then I got a bunch of linedefs in other sectors darker or lighter than they should be:

I tried doing it in a dummy sector instead, removing the linedef actions and living with it, and building the nodes in two different programs (ZenNode and ZDBSP 1.5) but it's still happening.

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That's the fake contrast Doom is putting on all perfectly horizontal and vertical walls. It has been like this since 1993. I'm amazed you didn't notice it before you added the Transfer_Light special. The only way to get rid of it is to use a MAPINFO and put the word 'evenlighting' in the map's definition. Since you are using Skulltag this ZDoom extension is supported by it.

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