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Nym. A new wad.

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Tormentor667 said:

The game itself is very boring, because the marine's move takes too much time :(

I already minimized the chance he gets lost by seting several line blockings to speed things up. I tried to increase the speed of the marine, but then he crosses lines without activating the triggers. Unfortunately Doom's collision detections isn't exactly known as the best ever, so a higher speed isn't reliable. :-(

I noticed another problem which I added to the known bugs section in the text file (wad file is still the same, though):
Known Bugs : Sometimes, after the marine finished killing, the remaining demons surround him, so he can't walk out of the box. I tried it with Thing_Hate, but then, the demons fall asleep and can block the marine as well, which is even worse. With the demons continue attacking there is a good chance, they walk between attacks and the marine can slip between them.

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This issue with the surrounding demons is fixed. The demons just hate the player now, and I set a route in each box, so they are kept moving, hence the marine can easily find out the box without being attacked or blocked too much.

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I updated nym.wad. Now the demons will wake up properly when you attack, except for skill 1 where they won't hurt you at all. I also prevented the player from cyberrocketjumping to the key, now. The corner in the lower hallway was added to increase performance slightly.

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My little wad is grown a bit since my last post. (It's updated again). Now you have a lot of monsters, some of them you need to find the secrets. While at it, you have a total of 13 secret areas. There are no invisible secrets, though you need the computer map in order to recognize some hidden doors, unless you prefer the Wolfenstein-aproach, of course. ;) I tried keeping them all fair to access. Sometimes there are some hint message as well, but listening might be helpful as well.
Now, there are 54 keys, and you need 53 of them to get 100% secret.
If there appears the message "nothing happens.", let me know. Something went wrong in my scripts in that case.

And the marine is fastest I could do it working properly. I know, still speedrunner's nightmare. ;)

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Coldfusio said:

> browser
error 404: Datei nicht gefunden!

Well, since it's in the archive now, I removed it from my site. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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