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[Finished] Blood Resource Pack Build 1

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Hello dudes,
finally, I have finished the "Blood Resource Pack" for your editing and download pleasure :) Use it as a base for your own maps.

It includes:
- Over 1000 new textures (also switches and animated)
- Over 200 new flats (also animated)
- A few new GFXs
- New Midis

What do you need:
- The animated and switching textures just work under ZDoom or any other port which supports "ANIMDEFS" lump

Where to get?
- http://www.tormentor667.de -> Maps & Mods

Just give me some feedback ;)

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Why don't include the sprites? Some of them can be very useful in DOOM mods

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That's why it is called "Build 1" :) In Build 2 I will include all the Monsters and Decorations of Blood via the DECORATE lump of ZDoom so just be patient :)

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