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New heretic map

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Yeah that's right. I need betatesters for my new heretic map. At the moment it requires zdoom because I used some flats as walls and vice versa.

Thantaophobia beta 1

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Ooh, heretic map! *Grabs*

EDIT: Wow... excellent map. Really good. I died the first time though because I didn't know where to get any weapons... they're kinda hard to find. Also, you put some flame orbs in a secret area, but I couldn't find any Phoenix Rod. Is there one? And do you plan to add a Hellstaff, ever?

I found it interesting that you put most of the level's health in quartz flasks instead of crystal vials. 'Course, you've got to remember to use them, so I guess that's the tradeoff. Anyway, besides a couple unpegged flags needed and that one secret in the cave (I couldn't find a clue to it, is there one?), this wad is near perfect. You know, I never thought it was possible to do REALLY good detail in Heretic, but this is pretty damn close. :)

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You'll probably get a phoenix rod in the second map.

Half of the secrets are marked off the same way as in most heretic map. (most notably e1m2).

Thanks for playing it btw. I still have to implement difficulty settings.

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Cool. I liked it. Very little ammo, on skill 4 at least. Kind of annoying to be out of ammo all the time, at least i was. I still managed to complete it on skill 4 though. A little bit of more detail here and there and more ammo and it's great me thinks. :)

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