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The Green Marine

story for my wip.

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Union Aerospace Corp. Deimos Systems Mainframe, Sectors 89a-90g.

Rob McDaniels, security personel, personal entry logs:

Entry 302:

It's been three days since the facility first became overun. The whole compound is in shambles. Small and isolated firefights took place this morning in the east wing between other secutity officers trapped on the other side and the beings that have been pouring out of the gates since this nightmare began. None of them

I have sealed myself off from the rest of the instillation in security substation C. From here I can view the happenings in and around the Deimos sectors as well as the complex on Phobos. All I can do now is wait.

Entry 303:

About an hour ago, I saw a younger tech wandering the halls in an upper level of Phobos' Toxin Refinery. I watched in horror as he approached a group of the spiked monsters. They didn't harm him! Instead, they simply watched him pass! What is going on here?...

Entry 304:

More and more of the UAC staff are roaming the halls without incident. It seems that perhaps they have formed an alliance of some sort with the creatures. Not me. I'd rather rott in this hell than side with the demons.

Entry 305:

Dear God. They aren't people like I thought they were. A being emerged from the gate north of me, just west of the Lab levels. It was unklike any creature I have seen yet. It is sytematically backtracking its way through Deimos to the very upper level of Phobos, RAISING THE DEAD. Not just fallen monsters, but the humans as well! The humans, when brought back, seem to have been "reworked" somehow, following the commands from our invaders. Jesus, It's
just like an old zombie movie I saw as a kid.

Entry 306:

I was awakend last night by growling noises outside of the Security Station's pressure hatch. There isn't a camera directly beyond this door, but it sounds like a large group of the zombies are gathering right outside. They seem to know that Im in here.

I finaly got the ISCM to function and sent a distress signal to the military instilation on Mars. Before I could finish the transmission, it went dead again. God I hope they send help.

Entry 307:

The stations around me seem to be changing. I didn't really notice it at first. Its as if the demons are shifting the base around right before my very eyes. Things are getting darker, too. Walls that once were metal are now made of stone. Why cant I just wake up...

They're here! A small infantry dropship just set down on the landing pad outside of Phobos' Hangar. Nothing has happened yet.

Entry 308:

It was horrible. About 3 hours ago, the ramp lowered on the ship and nearly 25 S.A. Marines entered Phobos. They were met by a large force of the spiked monsters and even more of the reworked UAC. The marines instantly started to fall away, and those that remained got seperated. I watched for two hours as every single last one was hunted down and slaughtered.

Entry 309:

A single marine exited the ship about 45 minutes ago. He is actually making a stand against the demons! He has allready cleared the Plant, the Refinery, Command Control, and is now somewhere in the Labratory sections.

I think he's headed for the military base! If he makes it that far, he can enter the gate to Deimos and perhaps even meet up with me! The gate is currently innactive however, a last resort to slow the invasion made by the staff up in Skywatch 5-l, the small space station that orbits Deimos, and the personel in the Gate Conrol Center, located in the eastern most parts of Deimos.
The gate was shut down from there, and then the officers up at Skywatch sealed off the Gate Control Center using the seciruty systems overide. If access to Gate Control could be restored,
and power to the gate established, then the marine could reach Deimos and perhaps even stop
all of this...

Entry 400:

I've made up my mind. I can't just sit here and wait for death. I may be able to help that marine. If I can reach Skywatch, disable security and then gain acces to Gate Control, it may be the key to the end of this invasion. I have to go.

Sensors indicate the presence of a large gathering of creatures just below the Gate Control Center. All I have to protect myself is my handgun and an old fashioned chainsaw brought in by the maintanance crew. Just one the other side of that door is a host of undead waiting to greet me. I can still hear them scratching and clawing at the steel door.

Here goes nothing...

This is the basic story for my new level series. Thoughts?

btw, sorry about the layout being all gayed up, I imported this via *.txt

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This is one of the better pieces I have read here in quite a while. The tone is quite good and portrays the situation well. Good work.

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Good, some entries a little short/repetetive, but good overall. I never really liked reading stuff in journal entry format though.

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i was always intrigued by the idea of maybe finding some lone uac survivor. now you are bringing that idea to life. great plot!

great writing! wonderful! i hope it plays as well as it sounds!

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