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Okay, about a year ago a small-time project to create the perfect home for GBA FPSers was built and went online around October. Sadly, by then the community that had grown for about a year had dwindled and the site died quickly. It went offline in March and since then I have yet to find a decent GBA FPS site. Equally, i have yet to find a decent Retro FPS site. So, after hours worth of google searches I have decided to create my own website to cater for both these communities. Sadly, I'm a little on my own. I have enough to make a site with by myself but with my about-a-year experience I realise you really need a skilled and knowledgeable team to make a decent site. I would create a strong section with reviews, links, download links, tips, cheats, etc. for each game (or series). I was hoping that some people here could help me with the content as there are several games I can't get ahold of. I also have hardly played most of my Retro FPS games enough to have a good idea enough to write a decent review. This site would not oppose DOOMWorld as the DOOM section would only be a cluster of reviews and info. There would be forums (phpbb), PHP based pages, Abandonware links to ames, links to shareware, etc. I was hoping I could find some help here. Basically, to be qualified you must love retro FPS games. The games list taht would have sections are:

DOOM series
Marathon series
Prime Target
Rise Of The Triad
Damage Inc.
Redneck Rampage
Duke Nukem 3D
Shadow Warrior
Wolfenstein 3D series (there was a sequel)
Sensory Overload
Dark Forces
Decent series
Any other pre-Quake 2 engine games I find

The GBA section would have:

Ecks Vs Sever series
DOOM series
Serious Sam
Duke Nukem Advance
Wolfenstein 3D
Ice Nine
MoH: Underground
James Bond: Nightfire
Dark Arena
And more that come out

Thanx for reading

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