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Greetings and Questions

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*A similar message was posted at the Newdoom forums. Excuse me if this constitutes spamming.

Greetings, Hello, and Hi. I'm a long-time gamer who, recently, got into Doom once more when I saw the collection (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom) available as a $10 Bargain Bin game at Wal-Mart. Now at the time I passed up the game, because I haven't played it in awhile (I've bought games solely out of nostalgia before and ended up feeling like I wasted money), so I downloaded a shareware version last night, and played it.

I personally considered and still consider Doom to be basically the epitome of first-person shooting, because there are so many things done well in Doom that haven't really been done well since, and a lot of modern FPSes feel "toned down." For example, in one of the levels of the shareware Doom I had an instance where I killed two monsters then went down a hall, only to see a spark hit a wall and hear a gunshot behind me. I turned, shot a monster, and suddenly something was hitting me, I turned, another monster, killed it, then there was another one, and so on. I've never gotten this kind of tension in Half-Life, where the monsters are always right in front of you and there's never any more than three at one time.

Which finally brings me to my question, which is: I've become familiar with Source Ports, which update the programming of the original game and give it features it didn't have originally. Are there any source ports, however, which allow Doom mapmakers to place rooms above rooms?

Also, are there any "universally-compatible" source ports, or will I have to download JDoom, ZDoom, and any other engine variant just to make sure I can play all the WADs?

Also... are there any Heretic/Hexen collections?

Thanks in advance.

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From the way Doom seems to have been made, I don't think that's possible. I mean, updating the graphics and changing appearances are simple modifications but your adding a whole new stage of technology to the game if you add floors above other floors.

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Yes, some ports allow room over room effect, but I don't know how it's done. Edge and Legacy do it I know, and I believe Jdoom has limited support for it.

No source port works with all wads. Just download them all and use each when needed.

Yes, there are Heretic and Hexen wads, but nowhere near as many as Doom wads.

You're welcome in retrospect.

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I just realized I was unclear... when I said "Heretic/Hexen collections" I meant as in game compilations that I could buy somewhere (I've heard there was one that included Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, Hexen, and Hexen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel), not as in WADs.

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There is, it's called 'Towers of Darkness' (that's what I have). Dunno where to get it though, maybe google would turn up something. (you could probably get it online)

Legacy, Vavoom and Edge support true 3D floors, ZDoom can produce fake (but real-looking) 3D floors using a couple of special effects. There's no source port that can run every wad, but Boom/prBoom and ZDoom can run most wads. All wads not requiring a source port should run in all source ports anyway. (except in a few cases)

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Lutrov71 said:

Yeah, if you have ZDoom, you'll be able to play about anything.

ZDoom sure is the most popular for recent maps, which does not mean, you couldn't use anything else or that it even would run anything. Maps designed for EDGE, Legacy or VAVOOM usually wouldn't run at all with ZDoom.
Downloading all engiges is a good advice if you plan to download a bunch of random maps.

For room over room, there are several attempts which some ports support to a degree, but always limited. The two-dimensional BSP tree sets tight limits to that.
- Rordoom supports overlapping sectors, but has no support to build bridges with them, and it's not developed any longer it seems, and there are no maps except for some demos anyway for that port.
- EDGE, Legacy and most gl-ports support multiple floors in a sector which makes it easy to build bridges, but it's quite complicated to build multi-story buildings with that method, though it's possible, at least.
- The most felxible way in a 2.5D engine (like Doom is), would be portal rendering. It's discussed recently on the ZDoom-Forum and with some luck, we could see them implemented, soon.
And Eternity already has support for (non interactive) portals.

Sure it would be great having a port supporting all three methods for most flexibility, but it's not done yet, and probably won't be that soon.

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