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Edge 1.28 Update

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We're at 1.28 RC2!! Here's some info:

Bugs fixed in 1.28:
* Sky should work now in GL with Voodoo 3 cards, Bug 902190.
* Sky in GL should no longer have ugly borders (dotted lines), Bug 902332.
* NightVision should work properly in GL now, Bug 926227.
* Scrolling walls should no longer smear in S/W, Bug 915617.
* Console is now usable at main menu, Bug 883913.
* Friendly monsters should behave a bit better, Bug 938192.
* Can use more than one player thing in DDF, Bug 934729.

+ serious crash bug loading textures from PWads fixed.
+ savegame problem which could cause crashes fixed.
+ windows version now detects out-of-date GWA files properly.
+ windows version now handles filenames with double quotes.
+ fixed crash when a door closed on a dead player.
+ fixed (potential) crash in GL mode when depth was 8 bits.
+ crash on cast parade with flipped sprites (HellKnight) fixed.

- fix for too much bobbing.
- fix for floor textures in GL (wrong scale, no transparency).
- fixed ceilings not opening because of stuck things (MAP06).
- certain fonts are no longer forced red (QDOOM).
- fixed the issue with monsters resurrecting into another.
- render sprites (S/W mode) with posts exceeding 128 pixels.

General improvements in 1.28:
+ better default configuration: e.g. 640x400 mode, 16 bit colour.
+ full Mlook range in GL mode.
+ better sky drawing in GL: the fake skybox copes with Mlook, never wobbles anymore, and is drawn a lot faster than before.
+ windows version prevents more than one instance of EDGE running at the same time. Also, window handling code has been reworked.
+ the GL renderer emulates the flat-flooding and deep-water tricks.

- better images for when you have both keycard and skullkey.
- config file remembers current language and current Save/Load page.
- Pixelfade wipe has been implemented for OpenGL mode.
- text strings look better in modes smaller than 640x400.
- the source code is now written in C++.

New features in 1.28:
+ very basic overlay HUD. (Better one will be made when HUD.DDF is implemented).
+ EDGE.log file, automatically remembers all startup messages.
+ new #VERSION directive for DDF files and RTS scripts. It is followed by the version of EDGE needed to use the DDF/RTS. E.g. "#VERSION 1.28". This directive is _required_ to use new features in EDGE 1.28, but it also prevents you using obsolete features (they produce a fatal error).

- RESISTANCE_CLASS for DDF. Used the same way as IMMUNITY_CLASS, but the monster only suffers 40% of the original damage.
- TIP_GRAPHIC supports scaling via the fourth parameter, which is a value like 0.5, 1.0, 2.0. For example:

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Yay! It's about damned time some new info about EDGE has been released. It better be compatible with EDGE mods made with this new one. I also hope it runs smoother now too.

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Derrick said:

The 1.28 version of Edge is much much faster than the Zdoom 0.63.

Really? I couldn't get EDGE 1.28 to go past 35 FPS (There's a reason for that, yno).

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Derrick said:

1.29 will be out pretty soon.
The 1.28 version of Edge is much much faster than the Zdoom 0.63.

1.29 is already out

(sort of)

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And what can be expected for 1.29? I know that this is not the place to ask, but Edge's web site confuses me.

Any chance to customize better AI for mods?

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