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Online A+ Certification Material?

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I'm up for a Tech job at a local company, and i will be taking a test similar if not exactly the same as the A+ certification in order to get the job. I was wondering if anyone had plowed through the masses of information available on the internet regarding this test, and had some suggestions on which were good, and which sites i shouldn't waste my time on. thanks in advance

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If you have any kind of legitimate experience building, maintaining and troubleshooting computers you'll have no problem with A+ certification. Networking is a specific area, though, most people don't think of studying. If you can competently construct a LAN and configure multiple types of internet connections, this also will be no problem.

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I read Micosoft Press's Smarter Faster A+ Certification book, for fun (yes I'm a geek) and it was very informative IMO, with some tests, but since I didn't actually take the exam I don't know how well it is for that

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