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WhackEd2 question.

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I'm new to Dehacked and ZDoom editing and I just got Whacked2. I edited a monsters HP and everything and it saves the file as a 'bex' file.

How do I get the dehacked changes into a wad file?

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Get XWE, a very useful program for adding and deleting lumps in your wad. Get it here.

Once you have it and set it all up, open up your wad, click the "entry" menu, and click load. Find your bex file and put it in the wad. Right click it and rename it "DEHACKED". That's all there is to it.

Some people have issues with XWE being hard to set up, or messing up their file types. I didn't have any problems, but if you can't get XWE to work than I suppose you can use Wintex, but I've never tried.

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