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best bet on getting the best deals is to search for local computer fairs.i leave near pomona,ca and on the fairgrounds they have a computer fair every month. last month my friend asked me to help him put a computer together for $640 bucks so we went to the fair and i picked him out some stuff, heres what we got:
athlon 2.4
good asus motherboard forget the exact one
512 pc3200 ddr
60 gig hd 7200rpms
17 in monitor(got it used for 50 bucks)
he didnt want to spend big on sound card so got soundblaster live value which works fine
some decent altec lansing 4.1 speakers
cheap keyboard mouse combo for 15 bucks
and last i made him spend more than what he wanted to on video card.got a all in wonder 9600xt for $230

if u want to get a deal u cant be lazy u gotta search around. im sure my friends computer will run fine as soon as he gets another stick of 512.
my advice, save for the video card.delete the remark someone made about getting $100 video card. im saving for a 9800xt but i will probably end up selling my body parts soon

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i just bought a great comp a few days ago and its coming soon
here are the specs:
p4 5** (i forgot the model #) 3.4ghz
1 gig DDR2 ram (somethin like that)
pci-e X800 XT
160 gig hard-drive
sound blaster audigy 2
16x dvd rom drive
windows xp home
no speakers
optical mouse/ and keyboard
no monitor

all this came up to $1600 (american dollars)
the company is dell, model is 8400
that is when they had a deal like 15% off or somethin like that and im sure u can just get a lower proccesor maybe a p4 3ghz or 2.8ghz because the comp with that specs i listed above is like 2k dollars now

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Mine is the shit punks! Nothing beats my 233mhz PII MMX with 64sdram at a 66mhz busspeed, 6.7gb HD and a 16mb AGP 3dfx voodoo 3 2000 GFX CARD. You can't beat the pimp rig!

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