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Battle Cat

Edge // Sides ?

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This side feature in Edge is very important for me to get to work, but i don't know how...the documentation makes only a little sense to me, so could anyone tell me how it works ?
if i needed some 'things' to be on my side (player's side) and other creatures to be against all of these, what would their side values be ?

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It depends, Ha Ha!

SIDE=0; is neutral

SIDE=1; is player 1
SIDE=2; is player 2
SIDE=4; is player 3
SIDE=8; is player 4
SIDE=16; is player 5
SIDE=32; is player 6
SIDE=64; is player 7
SIDE=128; is player 8

SIDE=3; is player 1 and 2
SIDE=255; is in theory all players

you add the side numbers together to make the thing side with more players.

Not that that matters yet, but when Edge gets multiplayer support it will. Like if you made a lot of friendly things with a side of "1" and then edge got multiplayer support. The things would kill the other players 2-8, and be friends with player 1.

Enemies don't need the side tag.

By the way, monsters will only target the friendly if it attacks them.

I hope this helps...

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Yeah, I sorta figured it out ...it's still annoying that it doesn't work completely, so if the player dies, the friendlies and monsters will just stare at each other...oh well

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Friendly monsters in Edge are seriously FUBARED(either that or I just don't know how to do the DDF right)

With the new version monsters which before used to attack each other now just stand around looking at one another. It's been reported.

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