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Diamond Speedstar A90 - Omitted features and small upgrades?

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I have sitting before me what I have been able to identify as a Diamond Speedstar A90. It has 4 solder points for RAM (not sockets, that would be too ingeneous and make it easy to upgrade), yet only two are filled. There are two other approximately half-inch square spots that look like there should be a chip there, but they are empty. There are also three jumpers with nothing on them.

If I had the documentation for this card, I might be able to figure out what the fuck is up, but I don't. I've had equipment before, though, that had full documentation -- except for its jumpers.

If anybody can tell me what kind of features were omitted from this card, or could lead me to some decent documentation, I'd be quite grateful.

Also, I'd like to know what I can do about having some more memory soldered on. I don't know if it would be possible to remove the old memory and replace it with something of higher capacity and still have it work, or if even same-capacity memory could be soldered into the two blank spaces.

I'd like to know if the other omitted chips are standard electronics that could be soldered on to restore certain functionality. Perhaps they are controllers for coaxial or S-video output or something, in which case it would be useless because I would still have to throw on some ports for that, which I'm not about to do.

This isn't about me trying to beef up an old card so it can compete with modern ones, but I would like to get the thing to be able to do as much as possible until it doesn't work anymore. I'd hate to just throw it away. It would be a pretty cool (temperature wise) card to have for a high-end but not graphics-centric system, say for business data processing, and with upgraded RAM with some heatsinks on the RAM and GPU and a little bit of an overclock, it could be used for some light gaming as well.

EDIT: If anybody sees Auxois around, point him to this. I think he's dealt with these cards before, or would know where to find lots of info at least.

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