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[/me is pissed] DoomBuilder 3D Mode Problems

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Hey guys, I have a very, very big problem with my DoomBuilder 3D Mode :(:(:(:(:(
yesterday, I installed the latest graphiccard drivers from NVIDIA for my GeForce4 and now, today (after having my machine rebooted), I started DoomBuilder, worked on one of my maps, changed into 3D Mode and fater moving my mouse around for 1-2 seconds, the display gets blank black :( 3D Mode is still running and the machine didn't crash (with W I can get back in the normal editor mode) but the screen in 3D Mode is only black, nothing else.

I played around and found out the following things:
- It doesn't matter what I do, after 1-10 seconds (depends on level size and sectors visible in 3D Mode?), the screen while editing gets black :( also if I don't move my mouse or edit something.
- I changed resolution, color depth, frequency and other stuff without any success.

This really sucks, because without the 3D Mode, mapping takes about 300% of the time, I usally need so I hope someone can suggest, what do do :((

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So what did you change? You installed new video drivers. Myabe they are not the correct drivers? Maybe they have known bugs? I cant tell, but what I can tell is that I have no clue how Doom Builder could possibly do this (I didnt code any timer or some sort that renders your screen black after a certain period of time if thats what you mean).

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[offtopic] psst... CodeImp, doombuilder rocks. It's the wad editor I've always been looking for since I used the BUILD engine.[/offtopic]

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