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Jump pads and ZDoom 1.23 vs. ZDoom 2.xx

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Well, I'm trying to get a particular map of mine to work in both ZDoom 1.23 (What ZDaemon is currently based on) and ZDoom 2.xx (What ZDaemon will move over to rather soon). Basically, I'm having trouble with jump pads. They work perfectly in ZDoom 1.23, but when I tested them out in ZDaemon 2.xx, they either push me too hard or not hard enough. In ZDoom 1.23, the same combination of things seems to make me end up at the same place every time, reguardless of momentum, which is the desired effect.

It's kind of a complicated question, so I'll just point you to the download.


The map in question is MAP17. Test that map out in both ZDaemon/ZDoom 1.23 and then ZDoom 2.xx. Is there anything I can do to make it work fine in both?

EDIT: Linky no workie. Hold on, I'll get the right URL. In the meantime, GETWAD should find it, if any of you have that utility.

EDIT2: There it goes.

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