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Anybody know where I can get a doom2 .wcf file for WADAUTHOR for Zdoom editing? I can't seem to find one.

Or, If anybody keeps such a file on their cpu could they email it to me? liam_the_bardic@hotmail.com.

Thanx in advance.

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Rick Clark did one and posted it on the Zdoom forum



I haven't used it (or WAUTHOR recently for that matter), but knowing Rick's usual efficiency it will be just fine.

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The configuration file zdoom.wcf is included with the rest of the ZDooM files. However, you need to customize the configuration for your file management (directory) structure. Also remember that you need to convert DooM2.wad into a format compatible with ZDooM, using a utility such as zwadconv.exe.

For additional details on customizing your zdoom.wcf and enabling your editor to offer ZDooM-specific features go to Rick Clark's excellent tutorials at:


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I *think* the one that that Rex mentions is for version 1.22. Again, I *think* the one Rick did covers all the new version 1.23 features as well. Just depends what you are looking for I guess.

Anyways, if you don't have them already, you should get the Zdoom editing utils etc from the Zdoom download page http://zdoom.notgod.com/download.php

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Yes, joo are correct regarding the ZDooM version for which he did the .wcf customization on his tutorial. I too recall that he posted something about the .wcf for v1.23 on ZDooM phorums.

Btw, in all of the excitement I forgot to drop you a line about my new site The Darkest Hour, hosted by DooM Center. It's a halfway decent effort, considering I'm a newbie at HTML. It focuses more on the SW project than the Piper at the Gates of DooM site. Check it out and let me know what you think:


P.S. The final tally on the nominations for Supreme & Unequivocally Munificient Emperor of Palpatinus and Grand Duke of the Duchy of DeHacked will be made soon. Please do not, I repeat, please do not skew the vote by casting a ballot in your own favor.

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Looks neat. I'd been meaning to drop you a line and find out if you had taken up the hosting offer.

Looks like you have got the cyan sort of coloured water thing sorted out, judging by the screenies.

Lots of 100% completes in the schedule too.

For those that haven't checked it out, do so now. I expect this to be one of the mods of the year. (No pressure :-))

Despite you going on about patience in DH Central, I still can't wait.

Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as well.

Patience. Yoda not far. Soon you will be with him. Rootleaf I cook. Why wish you become Jedi? Hmm?

I cannot teach him. The boy has no patience.

Ack, Yoda is always banging on about patience too. If he is so powerful, how come he hasn't mastered the basics of English grammer? What you say?

/me runs and hides from Yoda's all seeing force powers.

BTW, I couldn't skew the vote in my favor (or even my favour) as I simply cannot keep track of, or even pronounce the various proposed titles I am being nominated for. ;-)

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What? You're finding it difficult to pronounce "Valiant Emperor Emeritus of the Order of the Templar and Baron of Rothschild-on-DeHacked"? Go on. Give it a try and tell me that it doesn't just roll off your tongue. You could get used to it, trust me.

About the cyan thing. Csabo (the author of XWE, an excellent up-and-coming editing utility) created a PLAYPAL for the wad, and altered the water flats with a new color gradient. What this did was to change all the light purple colors (both in the water and in the sky) to the brilliant blue that you see. {/ReX kisses the ground on which Csabo has walked.}

I need to update the Status page, as I've made considerable progress on Map07 (which seems to be growing beyond the scope I'd intended). (Notice the 0% for DeHacked? Guess who's going to get a ton of questions when I start that!) You know, being an Emperor and all, you need a Minister of Protocol. That way you won't be bothered by the humdrum lives and problems of the little people. I nominate myself to be the aforementioned MP! Proposed and seconded. The motion is passed.

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Nah, that title is fine. It was the doo, nope dew, nope ah Dude, that was it. "Dude" from the other thread. Talk about a mouthful.

Yes, I did notice the 0% against dehacked. In fact it leapt out at me like, um... a huge leapy out thing. Glad to help, if it is needed, as and when the time comes.

/me goes away to find Star Wars references for things that leap, to avoid such poor similes in future.

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