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Painkiller, anyone play it?

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I played it non-stop a little while ago, but I've lent it out to my little brother because I needed a break from it. It's great fun, but you tend to get tired of it after a while.

I still haven't unlocked the Trauma skill setting, so I'm going back to the fray when my brother returns the game. Then again, I'm not too keen on spending an assload of time looking for secrets (what I need to do to unlock the last few tarot cards) - namely because secrets in this game are insanely difficult to uncover and rarely very rewarding.

So if someone knows where to find a good walkthrough that reveals how to find the secrets, I'll be grateful.

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BlackFish said:

They need an expansion pack.

Definatly, and I've seen you over on the DC forums too.

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I love the game.
There are three main reasons I do...
2. Music...
3. Doom-reminescence (is that how you spell it?)

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