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unknown imp

Good card? ATI 9000

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I know there are about 1,000,000 of these topics, but i have an ATI Radeon 9000 card agp 64mb card. Is this good for the game? I think it'll be running on medium detail along with the following specs:

2.4 ghz Pentium 4
512 rd ram
120gig+40 gig

So is the Radeon 9000 even going to cut it?

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I figured it was high time to get an 9800. I wonder if the price will drop by August (my birthday/possible release time).

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err, by august r400 budget/mainstreem cards (x300,x600) will likely be out, sell for less, and outperform ati radeon 9800 pros/xts.

the radeon x800xt is twice as fast as the 9800xt. If the mainstream(x600) card performs 1/2 as well as the x800XT, I would recommend that.

FYI I have a radeon 9000 pro, they arent bad cards, we just got what we paid for(115$ for 128mb version in 2002).

My radeon runs the alpha at around 25 fps in most areas. WITH...

amd xp 3000 400fsb(2100mhz @ 2400mhz)
1 gig 3200 performance ram

I plan on getting a radeon 800xt with my next paycheck, oh man...

Always check review sites, and see which card is the best price/performance ratio. If you have 200 dollars in august, you will no doubt have quite alot of options regarding which card to purchase.

For playing an audio/video intesive game like doom 3, I would recommend getting an audigy 2 zs sound card, a mid price video card and high quality speakers or better yet... 5.1 zalman headphones.

Total cost would be around 330.00 with zalman headphones. 500 with surround speakers.

More ram would also give a major performance increase.

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Pci express is overhyped. It wont give you any performance gains for this or the next generation of cards, because agp 8X has enough bandwith to handle it.

Just another reason for nVidia/Ati to justify a massive price hike with video cards. Its been that way from pci-agp-agp 2x - agp 4x- agp 8x no noticeable performance difference with the current generation of cards. When graphics cards need more then 2 gigabytes of bandwith per second, pci express will be usefull, but as it stands, agp 4x can even handle many modern cards.

PCI express will only be used in new systems, and many motherboad manufacturers are creating an agp 8x/pci-e solution.

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yea i know it is hyped, thats the point
everyone will spend to get the PCI express version and the AGP version will be dirt cheap.
even though most cards are made for AGP and thus would be no diffence.
from what i have heard PCI expcress the benifit will mainly be for laptops. finaly i can update and swap shit

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Sephiroth said:

the AGP version will be dirt cheap.

Yeah, hopefully they will still develop next gen cards for AGP alongside PCI-e. I do not think the price of PCI-e cards will be substantially more then that of AGP cards. FYI ATi plans on releasing budget PCI-e cards as part of its main PCI-e lineup.

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