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wacky games

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many easter eggs are hidden in games. sort of a joke. while a few not so easy to find are common in many games. some games are filled to the rim with them. many are easy to spot in such games or become avalible after beating it

games loaded with them

ROTT - this game is really worth talking about. has references and comedy around every corner. even to go as far as having certian thing happen if you play the game on holidays. This game is fun to play, i am sure i miss alot of the jokes.

FAKK2 - had several jokes from SA, apperently ritual likes SA. also a few other things. however these where well hidden.

silent hill 3 - after you beat the game many of these jokes and such are avilible. you can change clother, most advertis just about every game mag, a few the game its self, and 1 very strange costume. you also get a light saber and many other weapons that seem RE'ish. also other bit and pecies of other games. then you got the odd UFO ending.

Duke3d - who could forget the strippers? oh and the classic doom and heritic easter eggs.

i am sure i have missed some more odvious ones

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DJ_Haruko said:

Wacky Wheels had the dopefish, as did Quake 1. Can't think of any others offhand.


The little icon gets around.

Anyway, when I saw "wacky games" I thought of the more "inspired" titles like Redneck Rampage, or Boogerman. A Pick and Flick Adventure... yeesh.

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Play Tyrian during December and all of your weapons are christmasey.

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Well, let's see here.

Outlaws - In the first level, throw dynamite into the outhouse, then go through the hole through the sewers until you see some aliens about to probe a cow. Before they do anything, they slam their window shut so you can't see.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - In the demo level (the train), on the floor of one of the cars is an advertisement for "Prince of Persia". Also in a different level, you can see through the window of one of the shops - you can see pictures of Ryuji Yamazaki and Billy Kane from King of Fighters 2003.

Prince of Persia: Sends of Time (PC demo) - In the first fight scene, if you take too long to finish, the princess will repeat herself, and the prince will notice. "But you already said that!" "No I didn't!"

Xenogears Demo (included with original Parasite Eve) - Elly and Bart will approach you early in the game, and they will begin a conversation with you on how, since it's only a demo, they can mess up the script so the player can get more of a taste of the game.

Counter-Strike - In the DE_CASINO map, in the bar room with the stage, use the microphone to make yourself do an impression of Elvis. "Uh-huh uh-huh, thank you very much."

Several more of these at eeggs.com - beware popups.

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In Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, the Barons Head level or whatever had an easter egg with Max the bunny from Sam and Max. Also Dark Forces had some parts of the map that were shaped like Sam's head. Those were some of the best Easter Eggs IMO

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Blood was almost one big easter egg. There were jokes, cameos, and secrets in almost every map (some have more than others).

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