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More Doom Movie Shit....

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I was just browsing a nin forum where this was found in a stickied nin news thread (anything related even if The Rez just likes it goes in there since any nin fan knows how hard it is to find real news). They didn't provide a source, but nontheless, its news to me.

"Doom," despite its title, is a project that refuses to die. Despite having had several homes -- at Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures -- the video game has landed at Universal Studios, which has optioned the feature film rights from the game's maker, Id Software. The game's last home was Warners, where it was under a progress-to-production stipulation wherein the project had to shoot before a certain time or else the rights reverted back to Id Software. Enda McCallion is still attached to direct, and John Wells and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are producing.

Guess we don't have to worry about if it'll suck anymore...

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Heh, oh well. So many of the same looking threads come through here it's hard to keep track of what's already been posted in them, and I'm sure as hell not gonna bother looking through all the old Doom movie threads to see :P

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