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bryant robinson

Vavoom is very quiet.......

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Well.....I have a small techie question about the Vavoom source port. I know few people actually use the thing, but does anyone know how to get ambient sounds working in it similiar to the way of zdoom? I tried asking this question on the vavoom forums but I get no real answer. I'm guessing its not implemented yet?. I wish I could release my project [Fallen] soon but I'm stuck. I would just go with midi music but it wouldn't fit what I'm trying to achieve. Any help from you guys would be very helpful!

Bryant Robinson

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If you mean ZDoom's ambient sound things, I don't think that Vavoom supports them. I think the only way to get ambient sounds is with scripts and then use the capabilities Hexen's ACS implementation has to offer (i.e. the SectorSound and AmbientSound commands.) Needless to say that you can't do much with those.
Alternatively you can create your own ambient sound things with VavoomC.

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