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Doom III Inst. Problems

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I've downloaded the leaked beta, unzipped the .rar file, and attempted to install the program on my comp.

It's 1.2 GB, and my main disk drive has 1.6 GB remaining. I decided to give it a go anyway -- there's still .4 GB left.

First, the installation takes roughly an hour -- longer than setting up Windows XP. I wait patiently, but at the very end, while copying the file "With Intro Doom", it "hangs up" -- that is, the program never finishes installation.

I let it remain at "With Intro Doom" for over an hour, and still my remaining disk space remained at .4 GB. There was no new data being written.

I then deleted my Doom III directory and reinstalled it; the same thing happened.

When I go into my Doom III directory, I see all the files there, but when I try to launch a console, the prompt with the blue background shows up, but after about 10 seconds it crashes.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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