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Umm...New Monster

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Pic: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/7886193/

Not sure if this should really go here, but it's a monster I designed that I'd like to see in the Doom Beastiary (though I sent about 30 creatures already that have yet to appear there...oh well). It's the Archduke of Hell. Being an archduke, this makes him superior to the barons and Hell Knights. Seeing as how it is superior it is only natural that it has more powers, such as being able throw two plasma balls instead of one. It also possess' the ability to gather energy to hurl one big ball of plasma. During the energy gathering process it will continue to throw smaller plasma balls, but they will be slightly weaker.

Hitpoints: 2500
Speed: 8
Melee: Claws (damage 40)
Distance attack: 2x Green plasmaballs (speed 10 damage 12)

- KingKill33

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Me and silvy made a wee update to the doomart rules in which low res spriteart such as those in the doom bestiary would be moved here, as updated in the "READ DAMMIT" thread.

Otherwise not too bad a sprite. Perhaps needs a little contrast but otherwise nice. Of course i'm no sprite don so my knowledge in the subject is a bit vague. Heh, other than that, he sure looks lethal.

I pray that Nightmare updates the bestiary soon. Maybe if we all bug him to death he'll pull it off :)

edit: here's hoping i haven't pulled off another mod whoopsy.

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wow, very cool sprite.
Is it eight sided fully animated?
I'm sure that I can give it a good use.

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Looks pretty good, although in my opinion it doesn't look very DooMish.

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