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Transporter graphics?

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I'm using doom builder, and was just wondering why the textures to my tranporter bads sometimes look like 2 half images, then on other pads i make there is one complete image? i cant move it with texture offset? could someone tell me how to complete this?
or why some of my pads look right, then others have 2 half images.

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Flats (floor and ceiling textures) are aligned to a 64x64 grid, and cannot be offset. You'll either have to move your teleporters so they align with the grid, or create a new flat where the teleporter is moved horizontally and/or vertically by 32 (or whatever) pixels.

Having said that, ZDoom and its offspring (Skulltag, ZDaemon, etc) do allow you to move offsets around, via scripting, but if you're not already using one of these ports it probably isn't worth switching simply for this one feature.

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Hey Nightmare thanks. I will just move the pads round, going to work on normal doom till i figure out the basics, then move onto other ports when i know what i'm doing.

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