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Do any of you know of any Doom 1 maps that have gameplay like AV/HR or DV?

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Just wondering if any of you know of any Doom 1 maps that play like Hell Revealed or Alien Vendetta? A LONG time ago I remember seeing some info about a megawad for Doom 1 that was going to be along the lines of Hell Revealed...

I remember a few of the screenshots by look, but I really can't remember the name of the level set. The screen shot that I most remember was one that pictured a level that had more of an organic look to it, and inside the screen shot was the player blowing tons of Barons away with the Rocket Launcher... Yeah, I know this isn't much help but its about all I can remember.

Oh yeah, and I think that the author (no clue who it was now) stated that the map set was going to be entitled Torture something or other...



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I've thought and looked, but can't think of any.

Certainly there are some with a fairly high level of difficulty (Death Tormention II springs to mind), but nothing with the type of massive battles that I imagine you're after.

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I dunno how you can make an AV style battle when about the toughest monster in Doom is a Baron (other than the two "bosses"). It's the Arch-Viles and Revenants that made AV so tough (at least for me). With only Doom enemies, it'd be a breeze. Plus the lack of SSG in Doom makes many large battles very boring.

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Bawhahahahaha... fiffy's maps, I used to like those for the mass blocks of monsters, but now when I think of it, the disgustingly large amount of ammo surplus kinda makes the gameplay less rewarding... you should give fiffy a try anyhoo.

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

Closest I can think of is Fiffy's maps, War4 and War5 in particular.

Very cool maps... Lots of blasting. I just got done with War4, and I've only got one question...

How do you get to that door thats sitting there in the side of the building? This door is sitting right over the slime pit near the beginning, and it looks like you'd have to raise some kind of a walkway to gain access... Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks again for all the suggestions...

If any of you have anymore levels that come to mind, please let me know.

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