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I was looking on an old archived DOOM site and noticed that they voted jroom32.wad to be their favorite deathmatch wad or something...

I noticed that none of the ZD servers had it, so I went googling for it and couldn't find a thing.

Can anyone provide the wad or at least talk about it some?

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I don't know about jroom32.wad, but I have found several references to jroom38.wad. I couldn't find the actual file, but this supposedly contains jroom38.wad as one of the maps.

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This demo on it includes Jroom38.wad by itself, which isn't identified in the compilation. A retextured and slightly modified version of the map also appears in Dwango5.wad (as map08, like the "original"), but there it has BFGs Plasma Rifles, and Power-ups instead of Rocket Launchers, SSGs, Chainguns and Medikits.

Perhaps it was originally an E3M8 replacement? Both the Spiderdemon and the "38" seem to indicate this.

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