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what the hell is that thing

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i walk into a local computer shop to get a few items. anyways there is a table with stuff customers sell. usally for the most part old and basic, sometimes wierd. today one item fit into the wierd catagory.

a man was selling an IBM thinkpad, could not have been more than a pentium (most likly a 486) however it wasn't the hardware that was odd. the GUI, i had never seen before. at first i thought it was OS/2 being an IBM think pad. however from screen shots it didnt look to be. also it looked like a fairly good GUI, between win3.1 and 95. however its curse was that the copyright said 1996, had it been 1993-4 it would have been a good windows alternative.
ok about the GUI
the colours looks more win 3.1 ish however layout was more like win95. the biggest clue is that where the start button was it said "express" the my computer had, ontop of the drives, a 'control panel' clone.
i almost thought the was a unix/linux deal but, it runs ontop of DOS 6.x just as wind3.x. that would be a second hint
simple colors, no system tray, just a clock and 'express' button. i asked the techs and they agreed with me in not knowing what the fuck we where looking at. the program may have also been the GUI, a package came with the notebook called 'express....' thats all i remember. other than it had a bunch of office products.

system requirements
IMB compatible 286 or better
640k RAM
512K VRam
~20MB hard disk space
MS-DOS 3x or better

i am stumped on this one. a google search on express GUI yeilded the normal and expect random shit

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from what i heard it is old, in tech years. it is GNU/GLP now, the tech did tell me that the man who is selling the laptop said it had been software that had changed hands several times.

the box that had software for this OS, and possibly even the OS itself was dated 1996

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i asked the techs and they agreed with me in not knowing what the fuck we where looking at.

Heh, this line cracks me up for some reason. Try some other forums dude.

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