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Oh No Its Kyle

UAC Renegade

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Now that my first level is FINALLY finished (besides extra detailing), I decided to show off what I have at the present time: http://wadsinprogress.info/?a=listwads&wad=271 :D You can read about the wad at WIP. :)

SINCE I HAVE SHOWN THAT THERE IS PROGRESS, (No newproject tag for you :P) I'm going to ask for some help. See, right now it's just Assmaster and myself. (The other two Doom-playing friends I asked bailed on me. :/) There are still four maps left. I've split them up between two mappers, so there are two mapping slots. In addition I'd like (but not required) to get the sprites edited for all the new stuff for those who don't perfer jDoom or MD2 models. Any additional help, if you just want to add an MD2 model you made thats just sitting around or if you want to help with Dehacked or whatever, let me know and I'll be happy to just let you jump aboard. :D

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